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ModScan is the original and still the best Windows application for testing and troubleshooting modbus devices.
Beginning in 1990 with the release of Windows 3.0, ModScan has been around long enough
to become the de-facto standard for maintenance of modbus networks the world over.
ModScan operates as a modbus master allowing its user to send and receive data to
and from modbus slave devices connected via tcp or any serial comm port.
Both the ascii and rtu transmission modes are supported, as well as modbus/TCP
and tcp tunneling. The companion application ModSim, operates as a modbus slave
simulator and both applications are compatible with either IPV4 or IPV6.
Download the free demos below.

For Windows 10 & 11

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(modbus master)

Download ModScan64
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(modbus slave)

Download ModSim64
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ModScan64 & ModSim64
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(both applications)

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For Legacy Users
(NT, XP, Vista, Win2K, Win7/32)

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(modbus master)

Download MdScan32
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(modbus slave)

Download ModSim32
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ModScan32 & ModSim32
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(both applications)

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