Application Description

ModSim32 is an expanded version of the popular 16-bit application ModSim. It is a Win32 application designed to operate as one or more MODBUS slaves, simulating data which may be accessed from a MODBUS master application. ModSim32 can support direct serial connections to the master application, or operate as a network server to supply data to multiple modbus/TCP-compatible client applications.

ModSim32 is designed primarily as a testing device for verification of correct protocol operation in new or existing systems. It supports a Multiple-Document, (MDI), user interface with each document representing a series of I/O points associated with a modbus slave device. Data contained with any open document is accessible to the master application.

OLE Automation routines are available which allow third-party Windows applications to control the contents of ModSim32 documents. Using Visual Basic, test routines can easily be configured to simulate a real-time operating environment. System Integrators may find ModSim32 useful for pre-installation simulation of a process environment.

Last Updated: December 29, 1996
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