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Modbus Master OCX...
Master-Mode Control for Visual Basic

Modbus_Master OCX is a powerful custom control providing drop-in support for accessing data from any number of Modbus slave devices into Visual Basic applications. The Modbus_Master Control allows the application to connect to multiple COM ports, modbus/TCP servers and/or modem devices to read and write data contained therein. The control takes care of all modbus message formatting and interaction with the Windows COM and network drivers. All the application has to do is request a read or write operation to range of addresses in a connected slave device and the control will take care of transfering the data and provide an event back to the application detailing the results.

Modbus Slave OCX...
Slave-Mode Control for Visual Basic

Modbus_Slave OCX is an extremely easy to use custom control that allows your application to expose data to any connected modbus master via one of the PC's COM ports or via the network using modbus/TCP. This control is the quickest possible route to implementing a modbus slave design on a Windows platform. Detailed knowledge of the modbus protocol is not required and no programming is necessary to support interaction with the Windows COM or network drivers. Your application simply supplies a pointer to one or more blocks of data and the ocx takes care of all the rest.

Modbus Drivers

WinTECH Software can provide both Master & Slave MODBUS drivers for either the 16 or 32-bit Windows platform, (as well as the PocketPC). These drivers are in the form of dll's and are written in straight 'C' code. Each dll interacts with your application using a simple API function set to read & write MODBUS data points. The dll handles all MODBUS message formatting and interaction with the Windows Serial drivers. An expanded version of each dll is available for the Win32 platform which includes support for modem, (TAPI), and network connections, (MBAP).

Each dll is supplied in source form. An example application, (written using the Microsoft MFC), is supplied with each version of the dll. Please review the Licensing Agreement for details concerning use and redistribution of the code.

Refer to the list below for pricing information. A description of the API calls for each dll is available by clicking on the associated part number. All modbus source code supplied by WinTECH Software has an unconditional 30-day money-back gaurantee. If, after receiving the code, you are not satisfied, simply discontinue use, remove the code from your possession, and notify WinTECH Software within 30 days. The purchase price will be refunded, no questions asked.

Part No: Description:
MBOCX1-DVL Modbus Master ActiveX Control
MBSOCX2-DVL Modbus Slave ActiveX Control
MBM16DLL-SRC Modbus Master Driver for Windows 3.x
MBS16DLL-SRC Modbus Slave Driver for Windows 3.x
MBMX32DLL-SRC Expanded Modbus Master Driver for Win32, (Supports Serial, TAPI & Network Connections)
MBSX32DLL-SRC Expanded Modbus Slave Driver for Win32, (Supports Serial & Network Connections)

Last Updated: May 11, 2017
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