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(OLE For Process Control is an open standard which defines a common paradigm for the exchange of information between cooperating software applications. It is based on the Distributed Common Object Model, (DCOM), as defined by Microsoft Corp. The full specification for OPC is maintained and made publically available by the OPC Foundation and designers are encouraged to download this information, along with available source code samples, to help with their adaptations, thus promoting the standard. It is not necessary for a developer to become a member of the OPC Foundation or to utilize a commercially available toolkit in order to generate OPC compliant products. Often times, however, the availability of a working toolkit represents the most cost-effective and expediant means of rapidly developing an OPC solution. The WinTECH Software toolkits described below are complete implementations of the OPC Standards including Data Access 1.1, Data Access 2.0, Data Access 3.0, Alarms & Events, and Historical Data Access.)

Source Code Kits for Developers

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WinTECH Software provides full source code support for developers wishing to implement OPC Server, OPC Client , HDA Server and/or HDA Client Designs. The first of their kind, these toolkits are published with an open API and may be freely downloaded and used to create OPC Custom Interface Designs from C, C++, Visual Basic or DELPHI. Each toolkit consists of a Windows DLL that implements all the required OPC Interfaces plus Browse. All the intricate details of COM, DCOM and OPC are contained within the dll while a very simple API is presented to the user for referencing his own customized tag data. Each toolkit is available as a demo, allowing you to download and develop your own custom OPC Solution without cost or obligation. While the demo dll is time-limited to 30 minutes of operation, (after establishing an OPC Connection), you have ample opportunity for testing your design with various OPC Clients and/or Servers to insure compatibility prior to making a purchase decision.

Additional Information Data AccessServer Toolkit
(including support for Alarms & Events) Data Access Client Toolkit
(including support for Alarms & Events) Historical Data Access Server Toolkit Historical Data Access Client Toolkit

These toolkits provide a unique opportunity for those new to OPC, by allowing free access to a fully functional verified toolkit which can be easily integrated with user code to create OPC designs which, in effect, have already been tested for compatibility with a large number of third-party OPC applications. Server designs based on the WinTECH Software Server Toolkit are fully compatible with the newly released Compliancy Test from the OPC Foundation, and WinTECH Software firmly stands behind it's products. Each toolkit is unconditionally guaranteed for 30-days after purchase and tech support is provided at no charge. There is also no subscription fee. The user has full access to any and all upgrades to the code via internet download. (For a list of recent changes, please visit OPC Toolkit Change History.)

For those of you using Borland C++ Builder, please see the example applications submitted by rusman rusyadi.

OPC Demo Applications

The following applications are provided, (most with full source code), to assist potential developers interested in implementing an OPC design. All applications were designed using one of the WinTECH Software toolkits and may be freely downloaded and used for testing purposes or as the basis of your own custom design. Each was written using either Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 or Microsoft Visual Basic 6. Please feel free to download any application posted here and evaluate it's operation against other products currently available. If you make any modifications to the code that you think would be of interest to others, let us know and we'll post the new version here. Also, if you have a commercial product based on one of the WinTECH toolkits and would like for use to provide a link to your site, we'd be happen to accomidate that as well.

After evaluating the applications below, we believe you'll find that the OPC Toolkits provided by WinTECH Software represent one of the most functional, most efficient, and easiest to use designs available. They're certainly the least expensive and they work really well. If you have any additional questions or comments, please let us know at (499K)

This application is a fully functional modbus to OPC Server. It is a trial version of a commercial application that allows you to acquire data from one or more modbus slave devices and present this data via OPC. Devices may be connected serially or via a network modbus/TCP connection. (229K)

This zip file contains the OPCtoDDE utility for converting OPC data into DDE for direct access by other Windows applications such as Excel. OPCtoDDE operates as an OPC client application, allowing you to subscribe to data points from one or more OPC Servers to provide live updates into a spreadsheet or database application. (2.5M)

The OPCXchg utility allows you to quickly and easily exchange data between between OPC and modbus devices. OPCXchg provides a fully customizable user interface that can be designed by the user to display data from connected devices using a variety of built-in graphical objects including bar and trend charts. OPCXchg may be used to generate modbus to OPC designs, OPC to modbus slave, or OPC Server to OPC Server. In addition, the OLE Automation Interface into VBA provides instantaneous access to data from Excel and allows Visual Basic programmers to create filly functional OPC Server applications in minutes. Any modbus or modbus/TCP device may be integrated with OPCXchg and used with any OPC compliant client and/or server. (134K)

This demo is a simple OPC Server application that demonstrates the basic API of the WinTECH Server Toolkit. To run the application, simply start it up and use the menu selections to "Register" the server on your machine. You may then create data items that can be accessed from either an OPC 1.0 or 2.0 compatible client. The full source code for this application is contained with the OPC Server Toolkit: ( (373K)) (132K)

This demo is designed to demonstrate some of the performance aspects of the WinTECH Server toolkit. You may create an OPC tag list containing up to 20,000 items. Selections are provided that allow you to utilize some of the performance enhancing options of the toolkit such as string hashing and list updates. Timer displays detail the through-put of the server. A The full source code for this application is contained with the OPC Server Toolkit: ( (373K)) (94K)

This demo client application allows you to connect to a local or remote server, create one or more groups using various update rates, and scan data items for display. You may also write a value back to the server. A The full source code for this application is contained with the OPC Client Toolkit: ( (374K)) (94K)

The second demo client utilizes some of the advanced features of the WinTECH Client toolkit. The browsing operation of this client is more refined, presenting item names in the hierarchial format. Also available with this demo is a display showing DCOM Interface calls as they occur between the client and server applications. A The full source code for this application is contained with the OPC Client Toolkit: ( (374K)) (160K)

The OPCSimSvr application provides the ability to simulate OPC data items using a variety of algorithms. A fairly complete application, this demo provides the ability to save and restore the simulated tag list as well as the ability capture and print DCOM Interface calls for debugging purposes. A The full source code for this application is available at. ( (334K)) (88K)

This is a demo Alarms & Events Client. Start the application and connect to an OPC Alarms & Events Server to display event messages as they occur. A The full source code for this application is also contained with the OPC Client Toolkit: ( (374K)) (102K)

This is a demo HDA Server application that simulates values by returning random numbers in response to queries from an HDA client. The simulated database is designed to represent historical values collected on each even quarter minute interval, (every 15 secs). There is no attempt to maintain consistency between the value returned for any given point in time. A random number will be returned for each read. A The full source code for this application is also contained with the HDA Server Toolkit: ( (89K)

This is a demo HDA Client application. Menu options allow you to select a server, establish a connection, browse the list of available items, and read historical data. Attribute and Aggregate values may also be obtained from a connected HDA Server. A The full source code for this application is also contained with the HDA Client Toolkit: (

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