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Modbus Test & Simulation

(for Windows and Windows-CE)

* * * Developer Toolkits Now Available For PocketPC * * *

Full source code toolkits allow rapid development of modbus applications on WinCE.
Built using Microsoft Embedded Developer Platform Version 3.00,
toolkits are available for both modbus master and slave applications.
e-mail for details.

Modbus Master Data Scanner

ModScan is a Windows application which operates as a modbus master. It allows you to access and change data points in a connected slave device using either the RTU or ASCII Transmission mode. ModScan is ideally suited for quick and easy compliance testing of the modbus protocol and its built-in display of serial traffic allows effective troubleshooting of field connections. The CE version of ModScan operates on any PocketPC running Windows CE 3.00, such as the ComPAQ iPAQ, ComPAQ Aero, HP Jornada, and Casio E-115. ModScan32 is an expanded Win32 version of the application for desktop PC's that allows you to open multiple documents to scan different sets of data points simultaneously. ModScan32 supports direct serial, modem and network connections which conform to the modbus/TCP communications standard as defined by Modicon. Access to modbus data through third-party applications such as Visual Basic or ExCel is provided via built-in Win32 OLE Automation and Database support. A simple-to-use scripting feature enables efficient production testing of modbus slave devices by performing repetitive loops of query/response verification.

Additional Information / ModScan32 ModSim32
PocketPC Demos ModScanCE

Modbus Slave Simulator

ModSim32 is a very simple but powerful application for simulating data from modbus slave devices. ModSim is an MDI application which allows you to define multiple blocks of data points which may then be accessed from a connected modbus master. Each document opened within ModSim may be configured to represent data from the same or different slave node thereby providing simulation for an entire group of devices. Useful for complience testing of new master designs or as a quick simulation of a process. Additional functionality is available with ModSim32 which supports network connections as well as OLE Automation support which places the simulator under the control of custom Visual Basic or ExCel spreadsheet applications. The CE version of ModSim provides many of the same features as ModSim32 but is designed specifically for the PocketPC.

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